Thank you so much for visiting Women and Church! I hope you have found this a great place to learn more about this significant part of our life of faith.

Given the weird and wonderful nature of the world wide web, I will only be offering this contact form for communication at this time. Women continually face harassment for talking about equality and for simply being available online. Yes, even (and especially), women of faith speaking out on topics of equality and women's rights.

That being said, if you are seeking to turn me to the patriarchy, I recommend taking your kids out for ice cream or going for a walk. Writing me is a waste of your time ;)


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Do you know of something that belongs on Women and Church? Please submit it! I would love to include submissions for the Library (either books or links), options for the Standings page (EGAL and Comp), Causes that you feel should be included, Churches that are safe to attend, or Voices you would like to see profiled. If you have links for other categories please let me know.

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Do you have something you'd like to share? I would love to have you join in as a guest blogger. You can submit book reviews, site recommendations, articles, poetry, artwork, etc. Please reach out to me on the form and I'll get back in touch.


Lots of things come up around the issues of women and church. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out. I will do my best to back with you as quickly as I can.

Who (or what) is What?

Have a question about your favorite podcast, author, preacher, or artist believes in equality? Please submit your question here. I can't guarantee I will always be able to find an answer, but if I can, I will include them on the Standings list. Look for updates on the Blog as well.


Anything you submit as egalitarian should be fully egalitarian - meaning that the person, church, or organization supports women in all leadership roles and endorses full participation of women. If they are a teaching group, they should teach a fully egalitarian view. 

Please be patient with me as it takes time to update things and get them online. Voice profiles take way more time than you would expect. The more context you can provide for me - including articles and links - the more quickly they are likely to appear.